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A deal's a deal Sixer! by Tradicon666 A deal's a deal Sixer! :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 5 7 already know it by Tradicon666 already know it :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 1
A Doki Doki New Year
It was New Year, Sora and Cneko-chan went out for picnic with their childrens. Fidel and Bolt went dating alongside with Haru, Drera and Penumbra. Plago and Jay went back to Touhou Universe to meet their friends.
         But there’s one that wanted to be left alone or aside…Is Trad. He never seems to have much relationship with anyone yet, nor does he want to. Despite his loneliness, he always got plans in mind once everyone is gone.
         Trad made sure that the building was empty, switching terminals and camera screen to search every corner of it. He let out a relaxed sigh and opened up a game called Doki Doki Literature club (DDLC). Immediately on startup, a young girl in school uniform, emerald green eyes and a big, white ribbon tied on her hair appeared on Trad’s mainframe.  “Hi *Yirui, it’s good to see you again!” Her name was Monika, t
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 3 13
Murasaki by Tradicon666 Murasaki :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 5 2
Squadtale AU: The adventure to Touhou Part 6
      “Plago just let me take my gun out!” Trad and Plago were having a tug-o-war, while Jay just chilling in a corner of the room, watching the two idiots doing their own stuff. Jay suddenly heard footsteps from the hallway. “Guys, shush!” Trad and Plago immediately stopped. Jay leans over to the door to listen more closely.  It’s getting louder. “Everyone, teleport away now!” Trad and Plago’s teleportation isn’t that obvious, but Jay’s left a few bible pages on the ground. 
      The one that walked in was a young maid, with bright red eyes, silver hair worn in long braids on both sides of her face with green bows at the ends and a white maid headband. She wears a French maid’s outfit with an apron, short sleeves and a green ribbon. She noticed a few bible pages on the ground and suspiciously glanced around for any sight of intruders. But there’s none in
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 2 0
Squadtale AU: The adventure to Touhou Part 5
       After the little ‘incident’, Trad and Plago explained their ‘story’ in library before the met up with Jay and Koakuma.  It start off once when they had split up to find Jay, Trad came across a young witch in the middle of the library, her name is Patchouli Knowledge. She asked Trad why are they doing here and how, He answered her questions one after another. Trad failed to persuade her to let them find their friends and she insist to wanting us leave before her mistress came, Trad refused the request and a fight broke out between him and Patchouli.
         The first explosion blasted Trad to another section of the library; he was knocked out for a while.  Plago was already teleported to the scene right after it; Trad did a good job for weakening her so taking her out shouldn’t be that bad. As the young magician started charging her final blow, Plago teleported to where Trad is an
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 0
Some sketches by Tradicon666 Some sketches :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 0 Gardener's Scythe and Scarlet Daggers by Tradicon666 Gardener's Scythe and Scarlet Daggers :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 3 6 A lonely, used up blaster by Tradicon666 A lonely, used up blaster :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 0
           In the C.D.S HQ, everyone is asleep at night. Except for 1 young individual, Tradicon. Trad was on nightshift watching the cameras on all corner of the building. For hours nothing has happened, no movement, no shadows nor even a single wind sound, just pure silence with the sound of moving cameras turning left and right.
         Trad was playing with his fidget spinner and hand phone until he notice a shadow loomed over at the east hallway on the monitor, he sit back up and zoomed in on the camera. Without doubt, it’s a shinobi, dressed with all-black outfit to blend in the dark and covered face to his/her identity. From the view on the camera, it seems that the shinobi is perhaps a teen, or an adult.
        Trad was about to press the alarm button, but he paused, thinking that he want some entertainment from this young ninja. He patiently watc
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 5 11
Squadtale AU: The adventure to Touhou Part 4
Trad, Jay and Plago were walking in the courtyard while discussing their plans. “Ok, so we start from bottom to top is it?” Jay asked. “Yeah, I would like to finish the bottom level first or else I’m just too lazy once we come back to this floor.” Plago said.
Trad’s the first one to open the doors. “Uh…shouldn’t we just teleport? I mean, I won’t mind walking to it but what’s the chance of me getting shot at when I opened this door?”  As soon as he said that, thousands of fairies and demons appeared at the front door and attacked them, sadly for Trad, he was the only one getting shot at.
After a shower of bullets hit him, he fell down (face first) to the ground; also added another crack onto his mask. Jay and Plago just stand outside the mansion to see their comrade literally got shot by a “bullet hell”; they were quite worried that he might be killed during it. Not until he raised his arm and givin
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 2
Squadtale AU: The adventure to Touhou Alt.Chapter
This is just more like an extra for the story, so just enjoy it.
*On the way to the grand library of the mansion*
“Hey uh…What do you guys think will happen to us once we got back home?”
Jay’s words make the two faceless men wonder for a bit.
*Back at C.D.S/S.D.S HQ*
“They are gone?”
Sora, Tevion and Haru were in the main lobby, they found out that the 3 of their guards are missing.
“Should we go check out in the city? I think that’s where they might went off to.” Haru asked
“No, Trad and Plago are merely introverts and Jay certainly won’t wander off without notifying us.” Tevion explained
“Then that means they went through Plago’s Universal portal.”
The king and her two servants went to Plago’s basement chamber. The chamber is packed full of chemicals and cages with creatures that’s……aren’t dogs. At the end of the room has a big c
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 3 6
Squadtale AU: The adventure to Touhou Part 3
The three royal guards continue their walk towards the mansion silently, until Jay spoke up.
“Hey um…not really complaining as a big fan of hiking hostile place… but can't we just teleport?” Jay asked
Plago and Trad paused. “Why I didn’t thought of that in the first place?”
Plago immediately summon 3 orbs and make it spun above us, soon the ground seems to be glowing and they were teleported to the entrance of the SDM.
“Sorry, kind of a habit for exploring new worlds.” Explained Plago
“As we don’t rush when going for exploration”
“But we certainly excited about our destination”
On the front entrance there’s a big metal gate which they can simply slip through it by teleport, but midway the three saw a girl on the side, she was wearing a green beret and dress resemble traditional Chinese clothing mixed with the red guard uniform. Her beret has a gold star
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 2 5
Blessed Bayonets by Tradicon666 Blessed Bayonets :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 2 0 Would you kindly by Tradicon666 Would you kindly :icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 0
I Love War
My friends, it has often been said that I like war.
My friends, I like war...
No, friends, I love war!
I love holocausts.
I love blitzkriegs.
I love defensive lines.
I love sieges, charges, I love mop-up operations, and retreats.
Wars across prairies, in streets, in trenches, in grasslands, in frozen tundras, through deserts, on the sea, in the air, I love every act of war that can occur upon this earth.
I love blasting the enemy to smithereens with artillery salvos that thunder across the lines of battle.
My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier is tossed high into the air and cut to pieces by well placed sniper rounds. And there is nothing like a tank operator using a Tiger acht acht (88) to destroy enemy tanks. And the feeling that comes when a soldier runs screaming from his blazing tank only to be mowed down by heavy machine gun fire, is such an exquisite feeling. Like when ranks of infantry brandish their bayonets rushing
:icontradicon666:Tradicon666 1 3


Office Girl Monika by VaygrX Office Girl Monika :iconvaygrx:VaygrX 43 2 Overwatch - Drinks with Brigitte by nakanoart Overwatch - Drinks with Brigitte :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 7,572 200 Brigitte - Overwatch by Dzydar Brigitte - Overwatch :icondzydar:Dzydar 5,388 125 DDLC: After story [short manga] by Neru-kuroshiru DDLC: After story [short manga] :iconneru-kuroshiru:Neru-kuroshiru 63 8 [Doodle] Monochrome General by Sasoura [Doodle] Monochrome General :iconsasoura:Sasoura 149 6 Staring at You by VaygrX Staring at You :iconvaygrx:VaygrX 142 4 My Eyes are Up Here by VaygrX My Eyes are Up Here :iconvaygrx:VaygrX 64 4 Untitled by jaeno1 Untitled :iconjaeno1:jaeno1 5 5 Yuri by Neru-kuroshiru Yuri :iconneru-kuroshiru:Neru-kuroshiru 152 13 HANDGUNS TUTORIAL ADDENDUM by PhiTuS HANDGUNS TUTORIAL ADDENDUM :iconphitus:PhiTuS 96 22 Guns Mini-Tutorial: Launchers by PhiTuS Guns Mini-Tutorial: Launchers :iconphitus:PhiTuS 112 17 Guns Mini-Tutorial: Stances by PhiTuS Guns Mini-Tutorial: Stances :iconphitus:PhiTuS 243 21 Gun Tutorial by Donlvir Gun Tutorial :icondonlvir:Donlvir 838 100 Guns Mini-Tutorial: Techniques by PhiTuS Guns Mini-Tutorial: Techniques :iconphitus:PhiTuS 216 87 GUNS Mini-TUTORIAL: STOCKS by PhiTuS GUNS Mini-TUTORIAL: STOCKS :iconphitus:PhiTuS 83 8 Yuri (Dark ver.) by MakaUT Yuri (Dark ver.) :iconmakaut:MakaUT 151 21



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Stephen Hawking just died today...

Such a shame, I wish to be taught by him as well...

He was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death and died on the same day Albert Einstein was born.

May him, Galileo and Einstein worked together in the afterlife, and Rest In Peace for all of them.
A deal's a deal Sixer!

I hope there's no other video more funnier than this, or else I might pass out while laughing too hard.

Never thought Pirate game software has such a catchy music.



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